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Treatment of Infertility

Investigating Fertility Issues in Men

How Is a Sample Collected?

Prior to semen analysis, ejaculation should be avoided for two to three days. The specimen is best analysed within an hour or two of collection for accurate results. It is recommended that up to three separate samples are taken over a six to eight week period to ensure good quality testing and to eliminate lab errors.

Normal Results

Normally, seminal fluid is clear to milky-white in colour, thick and sticky (viscous) in consistency, has a pH (acidity) level between 7.8 and 8.0, and contains few or no white blood cells (leucocytes). A healthy semen sample should contain at least twenty million sperm per ml of semen; have at least 15 per cent normally shaped sperm; and have more than 50 per cent of sperm with forward movement, or 25 per cent with rapid movement within 1 hour of ejaculation. Good sperm motility is the single most important measure of semen quality and can compensate for men with low sperm counts.

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Although semen analysis can often suggest male infertility, the results may not identify the cause of the condition. Additionally, some men with low sperm counts are able to reproduce (i.e. are fertile). In many cases, abnormal semen analysis results require additional testing.

Other Tests for Fertility

Other tests that may be carried out to look at male fertility include analysis of urine to rule out infection. A full screen may be indicated to check for sexually transmitted infections; this would include penile swabs. Blood tests may look at your thyroid, liver and kidney functions, and check your iron and white cell count, as well as blood sugar levels to rule out diabetes. Hormone tests may include serum testosterone and others such as LH and FSH (hormones made by the pituitary gland in the brain: LH stimulates the testes to produce testosterone and FSH stimulates the production of sperm).

Your weight, body mass index and abdominal circumference can be checked to rule out obesity. More specialised tests may include analysis of your chromosomes and checking the immune system, particularly looking for antisperm antibodies that may target and attack your own sperm.

Treatment of Infertility

There are a variety of ways to treat infertility, which ultimately depend on the underlying cause. It may involve simple education and counselling, medicines New Zealand Viagra Pharmacy to treat infections, surgery or, in some cases, highly specialised procedures such as in vitro fertilisation.

Lifestyle changes may also help alleviate infertility, such as reducing stress, dietary modification, stopping the use of drugs or alcohol, or reducing the temperature around the testes.

How To Improve Your Diet and Nutrition

How To Improve Your Diet and Nutrition

  • It is important to focus on eating plenty of foods that are good for you. This is a positive lifestyle choice that can have huge knock-on benefits for your health.
  • Knowledge precedes awareness and awareness precedes change. The first step is to know what your nutritional needs are. Having read this chapter you should have better knowledge of the types of foods you need to eat to keep your body healthy.
  • Keep a food diary of everything you eat and drink, not just what but also when, where and why. Keep the diary for a week or so and include a weekend. Many’s the healthy eating habit that goes by the wayside come Friday evening. Be honest with yourself and try to answer the following questions: Do you comfort eat? Do you tend to shop when you are hungry? Do you eat a good breakfast? Do you eat ‘on the run’? Keeping a food diary should give you invaluable insight into your current dietary habits and highlight the areas that need change.
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  • Decide on what changes you are going to make. Try to keep these changes positive ones, such as ‘I am going to eat a better breakfast,’ ‘I am going to eat more fish’ or ‘I am going to eat less animal fat.’
  • Try to focus on some specific realistic targets that you can set for yourself. By focusing on eating foods that are good for you, you leave less time and space for eating bad stuff. Keeping a dietary record allows you to monitor your progress. It is important to reward yourself regularly for the success achieved.
  • Finally, be realistic. No one is perfect. We all have the occasional blowout and that in itself is no bad thing. As the saying goes, moderation in all things, including moderation. Stay on track with your healthy lifestyle as it is what you do 90 per cent of the time that counts in the long run.

We all have our excuses: too busy, too little time, etc. But if we truly value our health, then we must give our bodies the best fuel possible to keep the engine ticking over. Don’t use excuses for not following a healthy eating plan. Your health Viagra New Zealand is too important for that.

Breakfast Like a King

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet many men don’t eat any breakfast because they are ‘too busy’. Research has shown that those who eat a good breakfast tend to perform better, both physically and mentally, than those who choose to skip the meal. It makes sense, as getting a nutritious, healthy breakfast will give you lots of energy and keep your brain alert and active. Forget the breakfast rolls or the artery-clogging full Irish. Instead go for a bowl of fibre-rich cereal and skim milk or some fruit. The protein in the milk will help to invigorate your brain, while the complex carbohydrates in the cereal and fruit will give you long-lasting energy until lunchtime.