Herbs for Herpes, do They Work?

There are lots of herpes herbs offered on the net. Some claim to kill the virus. Some claim to prevent herpes outbreaks. Very few have a money back guarantee, which says a lot. In this article I am going to give you some of my thoughts, on both types of herbal products.

First, let’s look at the herbal products which claim to kill the virus. Well, some of them probably do kill the virus. That is, they kill the viruses that are at the surface, causing the outbreak. (This applies to cold sores too). By killing the virus topically like this, it can reduce the healing time, which is a good thing of course. But it means you still suffer with outbreaks, though they may be shorter in duration. But the virus is still in your system after an outbreak heals. It has just gone into remission, and will surface again. And again, unfortunately.

If you find a site that has a product that promises to kill all of the viruses in your whole body, it is probably bogus. This would actually be a cure for herpes. And when and if the day comes that there is a cure for herpes, it will be big news!! It will be on the cover of Time Magazine, and on CNN! If such products really worked like they say they do, it would be an overnight sensation and everyone would be talking about it. (Well, at least those of us with herpes, would be talking about it. We are 1 in 5, which is a huge percentage of the population.)

Second, there are herpes products which claim to prevent outbreaks, and this group is more credible. Some use Chinese herbs which have been used for centuries in China, and some Chinese herbs have verifiable results. Well, how can herbs prevent herpes outbreaks? These herbal products are much different than herbs which are claimed to “attack” or “destroy” or “kill” the herpes virus. The herbs do not actually interact with the herpes virus at all.

What these herbs for herpes do is strengthen your immune system. When your immune system is strong, it is able to keep the virus in remission, so you do not have outbreaks. Think about this…. you probably had measles, chicken pox or the mumps when you were a child. Well, those viruses are still in you! But in a normal adult with a reasonably healthy immune system the viruses are kept in remission quite easily. About half the people who get herpes don’t have outbreaks. It is because they have been blessed with a stronger immune system than the other half of the people who do have outbreaks. They are able to keep the herpes virus in remission just like most people are able to keep their chicken pox or measles viruses in remission. When is the last time you gave a thought about getting the measles? How the herpes herbs work is to strengthen your immune system, so that you too can keep the herpes virus in remission.

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