Treatment by Breathing

Now, when I am talking to you about the proper pulse, about the rhythmic beating of the heart, the question about the proper deep breathing pops up right away. Almost all people breathe improperly. They breathe in and out only in the upper lungs. At this shallow and weak taking in of air, they have no power to take it out, as a result of which part of the unclean air remains in the lungs, where internal accumulation happens. If one wants to regulate his blood circulation, he has to breathe deeply, hold it for a while in his lungs and then slowly take it out. At breathing, the abdominal muscles shall also take part, give a push, tension to the air and take it out. By breathing properly, one renovates himself and gets rid of both physical and psychic painful states.

There is a prana that is absorbed through the left nostril, and another one that is absorbed through the right one. Through the left one the magnetic flow is taken in. It is connected with the solar plexus and is called a solar flow. Through the right nostril the electrical flow is taken in. It is connected to the cerebrum and is called a lunar flow. If we want to develop the mind more, we take in air through the right nostril and take it out through the left one. And when we want to develop the heart more, we breathe in by the left nostril and breathe Cialis online Australia out through the right one. When we change the way of breathing now through the left nostril, now through the right one, we balance both flows, as well as the electricity and magnetism.

So, breathe deeply, consciously. If you do not feel well, if you are sad, breathe deeply. If your spine hurts or if your waist hurts, breathe deeply. If your leg hurts or if your arm hurts, breathe deeply. If you have a headache or a stomachache, breathe deeply again.

When one does not take in enough prana from the air, he feels weak, exhausted, without energy. Who is guilty for that? He alone is. It depends on him to take in more prana, because it exists in Nature abundantly.

By living on the Earth, one needs air as food for his etheric doppelganger, for his astral body. The air contains a special energy, called prana by the Hindus. Other scientists call it life-giving electricity or life-giving magnetism. You have come to the mountains not only for clean air, as many of you think, but you have also come for prana. You go out early in the morning for taking in the particular light rays of the Sun for prana of the mind and its heat rays for prana of the heart. Lungs take in prana from the air best in the morning.

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It is noticed that the deeper one breathes and the more he holds the air in his lungs, the wider his nose is. Flattened nose indicates that one’s breathing and circulation are weak. If the nose is very sharp, one is nervous, irascible, and irritable. To calm down, he should breathe deeply.

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